Something about me...

I am a environment artist who has strong passion for 3d art and texture work. I also enjoy working on designing and animations. Through most of my time, I have worked on video games and virtual training based video games. I enjoy created props, environment pieces, scultping and pushing myself to create more detailed and fantastic looking textures. I am very passionate at what I do and am always trying to push myself to become a better artist.

I also enjoying sketching and photography. I really enjoy time lapse photography that most. Snow, rain, space, meteors, anything really. I grew up playing games and got into texture at a young edge making my own liveries of racing cars and then moving on to uniforms of soldiers from the 2nd World War. Within a year or so I began trying my own at modeling.

I am currently working at Carbonated a 3D Artist on a game called Racing Rivals.

About Me

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